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When you buy products from Sweet Trees, we need your name and address and contact details in order to provide you with your selected product(s). Those details reside on a database, that is not accessible to third parties.

Furthermore, we do not share your details with anyone else and would only release any of your personal information when required by a court order, under UK law.


We are now required by EU Law to advise you of the use of cookies on our site.

As is common with almost all e-commerce websites, our website will place cookies on your computer in order to track which product(s) you require. There is nothing horrendous or suspicious about the cookies our site uses, they simply provide a mechanism for you to purchase products and are not used for any other purpose. They do not contain any personal information and therefore can be regarded as anonymous.

You will be required to accept cookies to use our site. This is a practical measure as failure to do so, will inhibit using our site – for example, you will not be able to buy products. When you accept the use of cookies a "jsCookieCheck" cookie is placed on your computer which enables usage. This is anonymous and has no tracking capability.

This is a current example of an EUCookie.

Name:                 jsCookieCheck
Content:              null
Path:                    /
Send for:             Any type of connection
Expires:               Saturday 31 Jan 2015 01:42:31 GMT

The expiry date for this particular cookie, is one year and one day from the time it is written to your computer, which means providing you don't delete it, you won't be pestered again for another year.

In addition, our site uses cookies to remember things like language, currency and a couple of others used by our servers to provide you with the best possible service. None of them identify you personally.

Once you have accepted and entered our site, you could if you wish turn cookies off in your browser and provided the "jsCookieCheck" remained, you could browse the site without any warnings or issues, but will not be able to buy products. If you wish to do this, please look at your browser help file to see how to turn cookies off in your particular browser.

When you pay via PayPal, they too will place cookies on your computer. Again, that is standard practice whichever site you may be using to pay via PayPal.

Like many millions of other sites around the world, we use Google Analytics to tell us which areas of the site are of interest to you. This helps us give you a better browsing experience by enabling us to organise the site for easier use.

Further information about PayPal and Google cookies and how they use them, can be found on their respective websites.

We also use social media to keep in touch with you and links are provided. You should satisfy yourself as to the suitability of those sites privacy policies, as we have no control over their actions.

This privacy policy may change from time to time and you should therefore revisit it to confirm it is still acceptable to you.

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